Kitesurf Lessons

The first lesson on the ground takes place at the center of our private area, so you will not be surrounded by the crowd. Subsequent lessons will be offshore with supporting raft and radio on your helmet, to constantly talk to your instructor!

You have the opportunity to be transported in the archipelago islands to unique spots, in a large kitesurfing area, for exciting sessions with the latest Airush equipment, specific for the learning phase.

Lessons (from 14 years old and min. 50kg) for all levels.
On request, also intensive individual course

Instructors with international licenses (VDWS-FIV)

Collettive lessons: max. 4 alumns per instructor

Rescue service and raft assistance

All courses include equipment insurance

Professional advice on boards and sails

Equipment storage

Wind-protected meadow, with poufs to relax or prepare your equipment with no sand

Marquee for a pleasant shade

Transfer service


Kite 1 (on the beach)

- Wind and equipment knowledge
- Security
- Principles on the flight window
- Kite landing and takeoff techniques, on the beach and in the water
- Water start positions
- Basic principles of aerodynamics and meteorology
- Introduction to navigation rules



Kite 2 (raft assistance)

- First kite movements in water
- Kite landing and take off in water
- Body drag (body positioning without the help of the table)
- Self-rescue (safety maneuvers in danger situations)

The second lesson is held with a minimum wind of 6-7 knots



Kite 3 (raft assistance)

Water start
- Use of the table
- Short distances run

The third lesson is held with a minimum wind of 11 knots

2017 AIRUSH LITHIUM KITE 1680x16804.jpg


Kite 4 (raft assistance)

- Sides changes
- Longer runs
- Running on both sides
- First bowline

The fourth lesson is a wind with a minimum of 11 knots

2017 AIRUSH SWITCH EXILE BOARD 1680x16801.jpg


The lesson starts from the moment when the mooring berths have been released
Kite1, Kite 2, Kite 3 lessons are included in the 3-lessons package.