Porto Pollo Windsurf Lessons

Our windsurfing area is at the entrance of Isuledda, on the Eastern bay in a reserved area featuring excellent conditions for freestyle, slalom, speed, bumb&jump and 10 meters far from the Western bay.

Lessons for all levels held by instructors with FIV and VDWS international license. All lessons include the hire of the necessary accessories - wet suit, trapeze, life jacket - and insurance.

We provide the latest models of the best equipment: JP, NeilPryde.

Who attends at least 2 beginner lessons is entitled to a 20% discount on equipment utilization to optimally consolidate the progress just made.

  • Lessons (from 4 years old) for all levels held by instructors with FIV and VDWS international license

  • Collective lessons: max. 4 persons per instructor

  • Rescue service

  • Insurance

  • Professional advice on boards and sails

  • Transfer service

  • Equipment storage

  • Wind-protected meadow, with poufs to relax

  • Rentals with change of equipment at any time
    depending on availability


Choose your Windsurf Lessons


A fun windsurfing approach for our younger friends.

Lightweight last generation equipment specifically created for our future windsurfers!


With little wind you will be able to handle the board and make the first basic maneuvers.


Our beginner classes take place in the bay that offers the simplest conditions for our trainees, thus providing a fun, safe and stress free learning.

  • Knowledge of equipment (board & rig)

  • Sail recovery, departure, rotation

  • Gaits

  • Basic veer

  • Basic jibe


After this course you will have more confidence in the water.

  • Use of trapeze

  • Run improvement

  • Run without drift

  • Straps use

  • Fast veer

  • Beach start




At the end of this course you will be able to exit with stronger wind like 14 -20 knots.

  • Water start

  • Fast veer improvement

  • Power jibe

  • Improvement of planing and style

  • First jumps on chops


Approach to Freestyle

  • Duck jibe

  • Aerial jibe

  • Body drag

  • Duck tack

  • Willy Skipper

  • Vulcan

  • Spock

  • Flaka

  • Speed loop and many other tricks!

Approach to Wave

Nothing is too radical for our instructors who will teach you the first maneuvers with the theory and then with practice in the water.

After this course you can not do without the Windsurf!

Lessons start when preparing equipment on the beach